Comarch ERP Optima in English

In update 2020.1.1 there is a possibility to run Comarch ERP Optima in English. This was a very significant change, awaited by many companies that employ people who do not speak Polish well. In this article we will take a look at the translation.

Language selection

User can select a language of the program during first connection to the new version. His choice will be remembered. There is no problem when you want to change language during work (you would have to close all open windows). Click on the appropriate icon on the toolbar, choose the language and you are ready to go.

zmiana języka Comarch ERP Optima

What has been translated?

At the moment interface elements, texts, descriptions and constants , i.e. those that cannot be changed by the user and are part of the Comarch ERP Optima system, are all available in English. Among them are:

  • Content of messages,
  • Columns and buttons,
  • Program configuration elements,
  • Names in the menu
Comarch ERP Optima w języku angielskim

What is not translated to English?

User-edited items such as:

  • Dictionaries, user-defined content – e.g. names of attributes, stores.
  • Names of printouts, analyzes.
  • Object names
  • Folder names in the mailbox
  • Document type shortcuts

At the moment, the help panel for the programs is also not available in English.

Comarch ERP Optima english

We provide services in Polish and English in the following areas:

  • Pre-implementation analysis,
  • Implementation,
  • Post-implementation suport,
  • Hotline,
  • Training in Optima modules.

We create proprietary software to improve work in Comarch ERP Optima in English:

  • Additional functions,
  • Comarch ERP Optima system integrators with other systems such as: WMS, CRM , E-Commers,
  • Programs extending the functionality of the ERP system.
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